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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sharing a Poem

I'm going back in time to repost blogs from my past.  
This one appeared two years ago today.

A Name and a Rose

A name and a rose on the piano
It all comes down to this
It gives you pause to contemplate
On how much you can miss

In the days and moments between the time
You’re born and wind up here
And in the life remembered by
This plaque and flower bier

A name and a rose on the piano
Brings back memories
Of talk, laughter, meals and stories
Shared salubriously

So, remember and celebrate each life gone by
Not lugubriously  
But savor the moments together
In this life upon the sea

And don’t forget too soon 
We will all be on the list
A name and a rose on the piano
It all comes down to this

The author of this poem (not me) wishes to remain anonymous.

Here at Vantage House when someone dies their name is printed, framed and placed with a flower  on the piano.  Note there are two frames - when this photo was taken the second frame had just been added and the flowers appeared the next day.