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Monday, April 19, 2021

Letchworth State Park

 On our trip to visit family in Buffalo last weekend, we drove to Letchworth State Park on Saturday. This is a long skinny park (17 miles long) in northwestern NY State. It follows the Genesee River which flows north to Lake Ontario.  The park preserves the gorge created by the river.  It's renowned as the Grand Canyon of the East according to the state park site (link here).

[Funny thing is that there's a canyon near Wellsboro, PA that also calls itself the Grand Canyon of the East. We visited there in the summer of 2015 and I wrote this blog post about the park.]

Our first view of the canyon and river was at a dam. We thought the river was flowing left to right because the water was only visible on  the left,

and it looked dry on the right.  Well, north was to our left so it was flowing the other way.  We just couldn't see the river channel below us.

At another overlook we saw the river below.

It was reminiscent of the Grand Canyon.

Several picnic grounds had these stone topped tables.  Aren't they neat?

We took a short walk along the gorge.

And got a better view of the river.

Including a view of these falls. 

We descended to get closer look and were met with the misty spray of the falls in our faces.