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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hibiscus & Other Trial Plants

These are the three hibiscus stems (Pink Cloud) I got from my friend in Nebraska at Bluebird Nursery to try out. They are no longer stems but a thriving bush.

The flowers are the size of plates. Don't you love that color?

I sprayed them with liquid fence yesterday since I did see some deer munching had happened.

I plan to enjoy this for years to come.

I've lost two of the plant varieties I was trying out: the geranium Dark Reiter and the Geum Koi. Our very hot humid summer took its toll on them. Below is the Phlox Natascha with its ground hog protection. Of the three I got this one has bloomed the most because even though they are just a bed apart this one probably gets a little more sun.

The Heuchera Snow Angel below loves its location.

More Heucheras: these are Limelight, followed by Carmel. I moved them to this lower light location and they seem to be doing well.

Last but not least is the Scutellaria with its tiny blue flowers.

If you are interested in any of these varieties check out Bluebird Nursery.