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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Easter 2021


Have a Happy Easter with hope that this year will be far different from last year.

Photos courtesy of my budding photographer granddaughter.

Decorated eggs purchased many years ago.

This bunny was an antique/flea market find.  He's standing in front of a wooden box we found in the barn. The box says Swift's Premium Quality Brookfield Pasteurized Cream Cheese 3 lbs.  There's another one nailed to the wall in the stall where all the garden implements are.

Postscript to April 1st blog: all the items except 5 windows are gone.  One woman called and woke us Friday morning wanting the shutters.  She came later that day for them.  She's going to use them to make an outdoor shower.  
Another woman called wanting the doors and to look at the windows.  She'd moved here last May from Alaska and is redoing a house and barn.  She took all the windows except 5 and those were the ones with full panes.  Dan decided to keep those after all as spares for our barn.

I still owe you a post about what we've done in the barn.  Stay tuned.