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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Who Knew ...

 ...that living in a house built in 1839 dictated the appliances one could have?

We are making some updates in our kitchen and the refrigerator needs to go.  It still works though built in 2006 but for Dan who is 6'2" it's impossible for him to see into it.  

In preparation for a taller refrigerator Dan removed the cabinet above.

We went to Home Depot after deciding on the brand and the style with input from Sarah who purchased one this spring.

We settled on this one.

The kitchen appliance guy was occupied with other customers so we took the photo below to the front desk.  The woman there said yes, she could place the order but we should first measure our doorways to see if the refrigerator could pass through.  We looked again at the measurements almost 36" wide and over 36" deep and thought well through the sliding door. Sure.  But she told us to measure and then order on line.

We measured the front door

Less than 30"!
And to pass through to the kitchen this doorway was even smaller!

Ok, then the slider.  Nope less than 30"!

The side door is exactly 30".  

The model we selected would not make it into the house.  We looked online for slimmer models and found one just a smidgen under 30" wide.  It will work.  It will be bigger capacity than what we have and big enough for the two of us.

When we face replacing the washer and dryer, size will be a factor again.

Who knew that an old house would dictate the size of new appliances?