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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Hot Sunday afternoon at the Lake

Dan and granddaughters #1 & #2.  I have to admit that the water was too brisk for me - I only got in as far as my ankles.

It's a beautiful setting even if you don't swim.


Monday, June 27, 2022

Barn #4 & #5

The barn tour continues.

These next two were very close together.

Stairs took us to the loft again to see what was stored there.  And no surprises: doors, windows, shutters.

An attempt had been made to clean it up for this event but someone forgot to seep the last pile up.

An old piece of farm equipment was stored on the first floor.

Current owner is working on restoration of the studio.

The 5th barn was still in use with some interesting things stored in the hay loft.

We climbed up to the loft and found it covered in a layer of hay.


I spied this old sleigh across the opening in the other loft

There was this buggy too.

Another wheel belonging to something.

Another sleigh.

Had to wonder how those old forms of transportation were put up there and why they've stayed there? Didn't get a chance to talk to the owners.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Gardens at St. Gaudens National Historic Site


An outing to the Park with local garden club and historical society for my township. Head gardener gave us some background and we enjoyed the blooms.

Mt. Ascutney in Vermont looking from the veranda of the studio.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Barn #2 & #3

 Continuing our barn tour.

I've been to this farm before. It's where Emily took me in the fall to pick flowers to dry.

Here's how it once looked.

Seeing the stairs to the loft we had to investigate.

Just as we thought - a major storage area for some items that will never see the light of day again.

Like these windows and doors.

The next barn was in very poor shape but it was only the first of many in that condition.

The owners were not present and a couple who were members of the historical society and neighbors were the hosts.  They didn't know much other than what was written in the booklet. 

More old doors in storage.

We walked around the back and could see more of the poor shape the barn was in.

Notice the support beam on the right below that is not plumb anymore.

We were glad we have had the funds to make repairs to our barn. Apparently the owners here have focused on the house and not the other buildings on the premises. It isn't cheap to have historic structures.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Barn #1 (first we visited)

The first barn we visited was #7 of the 12 on the list. There was a short talk about barns beforehand and we learned the English style barns had the doors on the sides where the snow slid off the roof.  I guess this wasn't a problem in England but it was in New England so later barn iterations put the doors on the other two sides.  

So we learned right away that we have an English style barn.

Going up in the loft of this one we saw the same wood lapping floor that Dan removed from our loft. That wood was taken by a neighbor who wants to build a barn one day.

And like our loft stored up in this one were doors and windows.

We could look over the edge at the main work area with the wagon wheel light.

This barn had a basement that opened on a lower level since it was built on a hill.

This rock wall was completely removed, the sill resting on it replaced, and drainage put along the floor.

It's used now for storage of old things including this truck.

I was tempted to ask the owner if I could buy a wagon rim leaning against the barn but Dan said "Don't".

There was a For Sale sign on this yellow beauty.  Anyone interested let me know and I'll share the address and owner's name with you.

One other photo -

This was the backdrop on the stage at the Plainfield town hall painted by the Art Deco artist. Maxfield Parris, who once summered in this area.

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