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Friday, January 20, 2017


Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, made his home at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

The day we visited was cold for Memphis standards with ice and snow.  It was a good time to visit because the weather kept folks away on that Friday despite Sunday the 8th being the King's birthday.

The tour is not cheap but it is well done with individual iPads and headphones.  Here's Dan intently listening to the description of the living room.

Be prepared for bright colors.  Elvis' taste in furnishings was not traditional at all.  Look at the the Christmas tree below.

Here's the dining room.

No touring the second floor.

But we were allowed a peak into his parents suite on the first floor.

The TV room with three tvs so he could tune in to the three networks like President Johnson did in the White House.

A peek into the kitchen.

This room with the pool table was covered on all but the floor with fabric.

Called the jungle room it had a waterfall on the far wall, shag carpet and carved furniture.

A view of the house from the back.

This outbuilding had a swing set but I don't know why.

Elvis was born in Tupelo, MS and moved to Memphis as a youth.  He came from a very poor background.

One building contained all his honors: gold and platinum records.

Elvis had horses.

This was an office for one of his staff, maybe his manager Colonel Parker.

His former racquet ball court now shows off some of his costuming.

As with many famous people, fame and fortune did not treat him so well.  His marriage ended in divorce.  His doctors over prescribed drugs and combined with his eating habits, led to health problems causing his death at an early age.

He is buried with his parents on the Graceland grounds.

Now rock and roll is not my music of choice, but from a historical standpoint this was a fascinating glimpse into the life of a U.S. music legend.

If you get to Memphis, you'll have to stop by Graceland.