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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Basel Museum

My last long post on our Rhine Cruise and stop over in Basel.  

Our last day there we devoted to visiting museums though only one really captured our interest: 
The Museum in a Church, one of three of the Basel Historical Museum sites.

The church was built as a convent church in the 14th century.  In 1894 it became a museum!  The church had closed.  The museum is known for having the Basel Cathedral Treasury, The Basel Dance of Death, stunning medieval tapestries and archeological finds from the Celts, Romans and Early Middle Ages.

We spent hours in this place just fascinated.  Here's some of what I captured in photos.

The tapestries were in very dark rooms.  I couldn't use flash so I've tried to lighten the photos.

The detail was incredible.

We both loved the color of this one.

When I was in junior high school I wanted a globe like those.  Never did get it.

That is gold on there.

Someone's bones were in this gold head.  At this point I was limiting photos because my battery was about to give out.

This was a wonderful museum and I have only captured a fraction of what there was to see and learn.

We flew back home on April 5th savoring our visit to the Rhine and Switzerland.