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Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Mix of Random Items

Daylight savings time starts tonight.  We always change the clocks on Saturday morning so we have the weekend to get used to it.  It's easy when there isn't anywhere special we need to be.  More difficult when we have to be somewhere at a particular time.

I'm writing this at 10:30 and look what the clock on my desk says. 

Just finished a great, engrossing book.  "War Brides" by Helen Bryan.
[I read another book that she wrote after this one that wasn't quite as good: "The Sisterhood".]
If you like historical fiction, you'll like this one.

My husband has started drinking probiotic drinks because he read its good for digestion.  The only one I like so far is mango coconut.  It definitely is an acquired taste because of the fermenting.  We can only find these at Whole Foods.

For Christmas I got a bonsai jade plant.  I have trouble keeping it moist.  The soil has a crust on it so the water rolls off if I pour too fast.  Today I plan to replace the soil with new soil.

With Spring on its way time to pull out the psyanka eggs.  I bought some jumbo sized eggs to make some more decorated ones.  Maybe today.

My husband finished the oil painting he has been working on since we moved to our two bedroom apartment.  He posted about it on his blog this morning.  Check it out and leave him a comment.  He will be thrilled.