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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Budding Photographer

 Oldest granddaughter who's almost 7 was over Friday afternoon.  She spied my camera on the window sill here near my desk and set out to take some photos.  I'd given her my oldest digital camera sometime ago and she remarked that this one was very similar.  She knew what to do mostly.

Here are a few of the photos she took.

I was standing at the puzzle table.

Close up of the fabric on the futon.

A long shot of one end of the great room.

Two more close ups: the rug at the front door and heat return grate on the floor.

A vase on a shelf.

My keyboard

Self portrait in the mirror in guest room. This is the one photo I edited to delete her facial features.
[The pink sticky on the door was her idea awhile ago.  There are two doors to the bathroom there so she labeled them in and out.]

Dan in the front room.

A paperweight with frost etching behind.

She took more than 40 photos, many of them blurry.  Some of these still have the blur because she hasn't quite mastered keeping still as she presses the shutter.  I think she has some talent for what will look good in a photo.

My favorite is the view of the puzzle.