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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Walk Around the House

Come take a walk with me out my front door, glancing at the ferns that are wintering in the vestibule.

The front garden needs work next spring.  Lavender bushes are getting old and need replacing, a good mulch must be laid to keep down the invasive weeds.  Hydrangeas still holding on to some color on this fall day.

Stopping by the vegetable garden on the east side of the house.  I may get some more snow peas yet but I know we'll enjoy the greens, tatsoi and bok choy that are still growing.

We have a buried pipeline easement that runs along the northern edge of the property.  A tree company has been taking down trees that have encroached upon it.  I may use some of that wood for a sculpture. Other will be used for the fire pit.

Continuing to the south side passed the pond.

The miscanthus has been lassoed to keep it more upright so I can see to drive in the garage.

This volunteer cedar will have to be moved next spring.  Where to?

Hens and chicks doing well.

These pots were too heavy to move.  The plants won't survive a hard frost.

Hosta are long gone.

Porch furniture and decorations put away.

Perennial garden trimmed and ready for winter.

Still some color in the woods.

Coming around to the west side of the house, the garden shed and then the shop come into view.

Along the shop the hazelnuts are flanked by butterfly bushes.  No nuts this year.

Almost back to our starting point.

Back to the front door.

I've made lots of mental notes on what needs doing come spring 2014.  Something to look forward to as this year comes to an end.