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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring 2013 Here!

Pansies on the porch!

Hostas shooting up all over.  They will need another dose of liquid fence and a general clean up of last year's dead leaves.

First spring for the Japanese maple.  It came through the winter fine.

You know its spring when the bleeding heart blooms.  I have three and some tiny volunteers.

New green iris shoots around the pond and cattail spears in the pond.  Won't be long before the tadpoles appear.  Goldfish young ones are there.

The mulch delivered on Thursday.  Gardening work has been on hold for the last week as I have helped my Mom in the hospital.  She's out now but in new digs - assisted living.  Her cottage will have to be emptied over the next month, so this pile may not diminish very fast.

Dan at work in 40º+ weather on his landscape painting homework.

Inside all the seeds I planted have germinated surprisingly considering how old some of the tomato seeds are.  Those empty pots are for transplants.  I had to figure how many would fit under my lights.  It's a long time between this and planting in the garden especially since we are having such a late spring.