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Friday, June 24, 2022

Barn #2 & #3

 Continuing our barn tour.

I've been to this farm before. It's where Emily took me in the fall to pick flowers to dry.

Here's how it once looked.

Seeing the stairs to the loft we had to investigate.

Just as we thought - a major storage area for some items that will never see the light of day again.

Like these windows and doors.

The next barn was in very poor shape but it was only the first of many in that condition.

The owners were not present and a couple who were members of the historical society and neighbors were the hosts.  They didn't know much other than what was written in the booklet. 

More old doors in storage.

We walked around the back and could see more of the poor shape the barn was in.

Notice the support beam on the right below that is not plumb anymore.

We were glad we have had the funds to make repairs to our barn. Apparently the owners here have focused on the house and not the other buildings on the premises. It isn't cheap to have historic structures.