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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Dan's Birthday Flight

For Dan's birthday which is next week, I gave him the gift of flight courtesy of  iFly!

It's a large tube that he will enter - above on left.  At the bottom is a huge fan.

Looking up in the tube.  For his very first and last flight he won't go higher than the divider and someone will be with him the entire time.

Here he is in his flight suit.

He opted for the helmet.

There were 7 people during his time period.  After a classroom orientation they filed in and sat to wait their turns with instructor.

Here he is going though airlock.

The instructor stays upright and the wind doesn't lift him up.  Dan going horizontal is carried by the wind.

For his second flight another instructor comes to take him up and down.

Couldn't post the long video I took of Dan.  Too long Blogger says.

Here's one of his instructor. The one below that is a short one with Dan.