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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pond Work

Here is the pond yesterday.

Here is the pond today. Notice the difference? Yes, the cat tails are cut down. I can only do this when the pond is frozen and I thought with the warm up last week I had missed my window of opportunity. Well, its frozen solid again and covered so after I filled the bird feeders I cut off the cat tails then decided to cut the rest of the stalks as close as I could. Some of the leaves are frozen into the pond so it's not as cleaned up as I'd like it to be. It will have to do.

As a bit of background, this pond is supposed to be a rain garden. When it was graded the plan was that water coming off the roof from the scupper would go into it and soak into the ground. After the first rainfall, a down pour, it filled up and became a pond. Cat tails found their way there. Frogs found their way there so I've treated it as a pond ever since. Eventually the silt may increase to a point that it is a rain garden but for now the gold fish have multiplied and the frogs keep returning, and the cat tails need to be kept to a reasonable size.