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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Olcutt Beach, NY

On the same day we visited Fort Niagara we then went to find lunch and visit Olcutt Beach where there was an amusement park geared to youngsters.

I have Tom the Backroads Traveler to thank for telling me about this park

We arrived after lunch so it was almost nap time for granddaughter.  Her mom purchased one ticket for one ride. This place must have some endowment because the price of the rides are still only 25 cents.

There was a magic show going on but we didn't dawdle there.

All the rides were under cover so even on a rainy day this is a nice place to visit with small ones.

Here's granddaughter riding in a car.  She was all smiles but sorry no frontal shots allowed by parents.

From here we walked to Lake Ontario expecting to put our feet in the water but the sign told us otherwise.

We viewed it from above and then headed back.

More on our visit to Buffalo area to come.