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Monday, February 24, 2020

Winter Hike at Blackwater Falls State Park

It was a really gray morning the day we set out to hike along the ridge of the Blackwater River canyon out to Pace Point.

The trail started at Pendleton Lake, used for boating and swimming in the summer.

It's a manmade lake.  West Virginia only has one real lake.

The trail crossed the spillway.

When the rhododendron bloom this trail must be beautiful.

I was surprised we didn't have ice to walk over but it was water and mud.  I packed my snow boots expecting snow on the ground and they worked fine on this trail - warm and waterproof.

Only ice I saw was icicles from this log above my head.

The trail is well marked with blazes nailed high on trunks.

Dan walks faster than I do.  He was waiting for me at the point viewing the canyon.

We couldn't decide what that horizontal line was through the trees on the hill to the right.  If it was a road we thought we'd see it.  Maybe an old road?

The hike back went much faster.  Isn't that always the case?