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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Garden Makeover

I had a chance to help my daughter with her flower garden last week. She lives in New Hampshire. The weather was a nice change from here in Maryland - low humidity and 70ºs and 80ºs, cooler at night.

I don't have any before photos, but here are the after ones.

Front of the house. Grape vine climbs the picket fence. Gate is to the left.

This bed was mulched with pebbles which we shoveled out. We dug and divided the day lily then replanted two clumps. A third day lily came from along the picket fence buried under the grape vines. She plans to put in herbs along the front of this bed.
There's a red twig dogwood beyond this bed that I limbed up and removed gout weed from under. To the right of the dogwood is an expansion to an existing bed.

This is looking to the right of the dogwood which is out of the photo on the left. I removed all the sod to widen this bed. She planted some small plants in there. On the right are two very old rose bushes. The grape vine does not grow along the picket fence at this point.

This is the bed to the right of those roses bushes in previous shot. There's a hydrangea along the fence, a very healthy phlox getting ready to bloom, and next to the hosta a walking onion. This bed was also filled with gout weed which I removed.

This is the shade garden on the opposite side of the front walk. Emily did the clearing out here. I limbed up the cherry tree to open it up more. She's transplanted some ferns and pulled a lot of the mint.

The next photos are of her lovely vegetable garden.