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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The White Witch is Losing Her Grasp

With all the snow we had in February it sometimes felt like we were in Narnia where the White Witch had control. Lately she's been losing her grip as each day brings more melting and signs of spring.

Friday morning the stones in the perennial beds were starting to show.

How it looks today, Saturday.

Can you see the daffodil pushing its way out? This is along the edge of the glen. The snow has melted in the woods on that hillside because it faces south.

There's just one band of snow between the house and the glen now.

The pond has a steady stream of water to it from the scupper but is not ice free yet.

Dan shoveled the snow off the raised beds in the vegetable garden. The snow is piled high in the walkways and the blueberry bushes were damaged by the heavy snow. Hopefully the warmth of the sun will melt the snow off the beds now. Don't know if I'll be planting peas by St. Patrick's Day.
There was a hint of green from spinach and arugula in this bed. I thought I saw one shoot of garlic in another bed.