Readers, Welcome to my blog (formerly Birds, Blooms, Books, etc). I'm entering a new decade taking on the challenge of moving from Maryland after living there 46 years and learning about my new home here in New England in the Live Free or Die state - New Hampshire. Join me as a write this new chapter of my life.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Hampshire Woods

The weekend before the big snow in New Hampshire we were visiting daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter.

Temperatures were moderate so we took a walk.

This moss covered boulder caught my eye.

Old stone fence lines once enclosed pastures that are now grown up with trees.  Whoever assembled this fence has long passed into history.

A waterfall in the woods with ice forming.

Handiwork of man to bridge the stream.

Dappled sun on the stream ice.

Remains of a water powered sawmill that may have milled the beams in house down the hill. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Begins!

Below freezing temperatures have frozen the pond.

The wind and floating leaves make interesting patterns in the ice.

Winter is here!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Feeding the Squirrels

Many people don't like squirrels, but I'm not one of those.  I know they raid bird feeders, but over  the years I've managed to get the kind of feeders they can't get into so all they feed on is the dropping of sunflowers underneath.  And they haven't been a problem for me in the garden either.  I have other critters that do the digging in the beds and pots.

I do feed the squirrels bread crusts and other starch leftovers.  They have come to expect it and sometimes will come to the back door on the deck to peer in to see where I am.  Now unlike suburban and city squirrels they don't come close to me.  Once I open the door they scamper away.  As soon as I'm back inside they will investigate what I have thrown out for them.

Yesterday it was a single pancake.  Somehow the pancake got divided and two squirrels had a meal.

Squirrel 1

Squirrel 2

Squirrel 1

Squirrel 2

We have a happy co-existence.