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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Vegetable Garden in August

As with any gardening endeavor there are successes and failures. This year the peppers are a big success but the eggplants were a failure. I have no photo of the latter because I pulled them earlier this week.

Bell and Cubanelle peppers on Friday.

Among the tomatoes the Goldie and Rutgers are successes but the Amish paste are a disappointment.
I keep having to trim back the dying portions of the Amish paste. It's trying to put out new growth.

This one Rutgers is dying too, but the other plants are doing fine.

The Goldie is still flowering so there's hope for more tomatoes to come.

The zucchini were great while they lasted and though there are three plants hanging on despite the attack of the vine borers they are not producing at the level that they were and I wonder if I shouldn't pull them soon if no more fruit are visible.

Cucumbers have been an easy success. The deer have eaten some leaves on the outside of the fence but that's okay. Many more cucumbers to come.

In the too soon to tell if its a success or failure are butternut squash that I planted late.

Also broccoli planted weeks ago but only one seed germinated or survived the heat. I planted more today. I hope this one doesn't succumb to the heat, too.

In the same bed with the broccoli are two rows of lettuce that are doing okay. They get shaded by the netting which protects them from the bunnies. Spinach sowed at the same time did not survive. I will try that again later this month.

Finally, the bush beans will probably be a success. This is the second sowing of beans which became a prized attraction in my garden with the bunnies.