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Thursday, July 5, 2018


One morning last week I took tea and scone to the balcony.  While I was there a visitor stopped by.  Now this isn't so easy living on the 11th floor unless they came up the elevator and walked down the hall.  This visitor used its wings to visit.  I didn't have the camera with me that day but the next day the visitor came again while Dan and I had breakfast out there.  I was able to get the camera to record this momentous visit.

It helped that I fed the crow the first time and that we put something on the rail this time, too.

Dan calls the above balcony our front yard.

Our backyard is off the 2nd bedroom that we use as Dan's study.  And guess what the visitor stopped there too.

But not for long.

We haven't had it visit since last week when we had the lovely weather.

This week has been oppressively hot and humid.