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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Regular Stop

Wild things have habits and the fox has made our backyard a regular stop in its search for nourishment. After the last snow we could see the deer hoof prints in a straight line and then the fox foot prints in large circles.  Searching circles. 

I took this set of photos in the last hour.  It had obviously found the dead bird that was outside a bedroom window for days, frozen because I could see it in its mouth.  I then checked to see if the bird was gone and it was.

I wonder if it got the mouse I threw out of the trap several days ago?   That mouse got unlucky because it was caught in a trap that had no bait.  I baited traps yesterday with peanut butter because I thought I heard a mouse in the kitchen the night before.  Two traps went into the garage and one into the mud room.  This morning I had two mice caught in the garage.  Those went out into the snow.  I wonder if the fox found them.

It's a lovely creature.  I'm glad it feels so at home here to come up on my deck.