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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures #2

This second treasure is also related to my mother.  Mom took up painting upon her retirement and became quite prolific.  In 1992 I asked her to paint a picture for me in the primitive style.  Now I didn't remember that it was that year, but luckily she dated her painting.

This is the painting she gave me that I treasure.

It's not true primitive style because there is some perspective to it.  My husband teases that its a giant there above in the barn because he's the same size as the woman on the porch.  I don't care because its such a wonderful pastoral scene to me.

A treasure!

Mom painted up until she died in 2013.  Her eyesight gave her trouble so her detail was not as fine towards the end, but she still had her sense of colors.  In fact she was adding color to a frame of a miniature she'd painted the week she died.