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Friday, August 3, 2018

Family Vacation

Starting Sunday we are on vacation for a week at a lovely chalet in West Virginia.

[photos from VRBO website]

Looking forward to quality time with daughters, sons in law, and granddaughters.  We haven't all been together since an afternoon at Christmas time.

The end of the week we will join a larger gathering with my 5 siblings and various nieces, nephews, etc.  It won't be at Three Otters as we did the last two years.  Didn't get enough to sign up for three nights of camping.  It will be a one day gathering for most and a weekend for others of us.

With that said, I'm taking a break from posting for a bit.  Typing one handed is still a chore.  Going to  let myself heal, do the exercises necessary twice a day and see the occupational therapist twice a week when I return from WV .

Have a good month of August.