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Monday, December 4, 2023

Another Week Gone By


Can you believe it's December already?  I can't but that doesn't slow down time unfortunately.

I've been busy.

Garden Club had a tea where we each had to bring our own cup, a sweet to share, canned goods for the Food Pantry and a wrapped Yankee Gift Swap contribution.  We played it differently then I've played before.  The second person after seeing what the first person got, chose a gift, unwrapped it then decided whether to keep or take the gift opened by the first person.  I was #2 and here are my gifts:

a pin

and a lovely shallow painted bowl.

Fortunately no one who followed me decided they wanted what I had.  There were some exchanges but mostly people kept what they selected.  The gift I contributed was a snowman sculpture feeding the birds. It got swapped in the end because the first person got to swap after everyone else had finished. What they were swapping wasn't wanted by that person and someone else offered her the snowman in exchange.  It all worked out.

I wrapped just about all the gifts I have purchased.  I'm in good shape for Christmas.

Kitchen Redo
The installer is due here on Tuesday and knowing that Sunday was a busy day, I spent Saturday clearing out cabinets, trying to be fairly organized where I stacked stuff.  Monday I will finish by moving out the contents of the last three drawers.

I printed the address labels for the Christmas cards and discovered that I hadn't made enough cards.  I needed 15 more so I got out the papers and made them.  I mailed all but 7 on Friday. These last ones require me to write a note inside.  I'll get to it this week. My desk is a mess again.

New Skill Learned

I attended a craft class on Tuesday night and learned how to turn cards into little boxes.  I will use these for some small jewelry items I have for stockings that didn't come with boxes.

It was a good productive week even if December started already!