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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'm sharing what my husband wrote today about the election results.  I wish I could share his optimism.  Maybe later.
Wednesday, November 9 2016 – The Day After
All the pundits, pollsters and press were wrong.  The greater of two evils won the election.  I suspected this could happen.  It was disappointing to my half of the country’s population, to say the least, that such a shallow man with questionable intellect and more than questionable values could convince half of us that he’s the best candidate to be the face of America.  It’s kind of embarrassing.
What I worry about the most is the impact of him following through on his vapid, simplistic solutions for our nation’s complex problems.  What will that do to the nation’s debt, the world’s environment and the advancement of civilization?
The fortunate thing is there are checks and balances – even within a one party government.  And there are probably a few level heads somewhere that will mitigate the worst possible mistakes.  But, just as with the election, no one knows the future.  So all we can do is live each day to the fullest and look for opportunities to make the world a little better right where we are.
Meanwhile, I’ve moved from despair and disappointment to distancing.  The good things are that (1) with this choice, the country didn’t break down into mobs and (2) the damn election is over.  Even with Trump, can we move forward to a better country and world?  I’m ever the optimist as I think most Americans are.

Something good may yet come out of this.   The truth is no one knows what it means for the future.


I am totally aghast at the results of our Presidential Election.

It's as though truth and facts don't matter.

Supporters of Trump must not have heard or read what I did.  
Or they just ignored the facts of this man.

We are a country sorely divided.

We have elected a charlatan, a con artist, a liar to our highest office.

I am deeply afraid as to what the future holds for us as a nation.