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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Bloom Day

Here's some of what's blooming on this July Bloom Day. There are more blooms in this garden then last year because the garden is just in it's childhood. This is it's 4th summer.

In the front yard, the butterfly bushes are in full glory. The hydrangeas survived the deer with no attacks this year and are in bloom. The lavender and Russian sage are a lovely shade of purple. In yellow I have a volunteer sunflower and black-eyed susans and stella d'oro day lilies (not shown).

Among the herbs and vegetables, the oregano, dill, onion, purple basil and zucchini are in bloom.

In the perennial beds in the backyard:

Bee balm and yarrow

Two varieties of day lilies.

Shasta daisies and clemetis

Knockout rose and hostas

A wort next to the pond and a fuschia in a hanging basket.

A promise of bloom to come, hopefully before the sun sets on Bloom Day.
Stargazer lily.