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Monday, April 2, 2018

Trains at Franklin Institute

We visited the Franklin Institute in February.  I shared about the wonderful Terracotta Warrior exhibit last month.

Here is another exhibit we visited there.

Someone's great idea for an engine that went totally awry.  Read below.

The engine was enormous ...

especially when compared to this one.

This engine below was also donated to the museum purported to be a particular model.  Closer inspection by museum staff determined that it had none of the original parts of the engine it was supposed to be!

Here's another form of locomotion!

High above the museum's atrium.

Dan paid 2 bucks to ride it.

No waiver of liability required.

He said it was strange to be going backward at first since he had no sense of where it would stop abruptly.

I took the photos and did not need a ride.  No thanks!