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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Thoughts

The last Sunday we met as a congregation in our worship space was March 15th.  Today is the 5th Sunday that we will meet online.

The last meal we had in the dining room here was on March 17th. Meal deliveries began the next day.  I write down what we order so when it arrives and its different we know who's fault it was.  Last night we got a bag with two bananas.  I asked where's the rest and the server said it was on another cart.  After 30 minutes I called.  They said oops and sent up the two Cobb salads we'd ordered except the chicken and the salmon were missing.  Called again and a third person brought the missing items.  Normally we have no problems.


Life goes on.  There's no hurry to anything.  If I decide I don't feel like doing something one day I tell myself there's always tomorrow.  And of course there is.


Thanks to October Farm

There have been protestors here in Maryland.  What don't they understand about flattening the curve? Until the beige bars below stay at the same height we haven't flattened our curve here in MD. And even when we do we still must be vigilant (keep that parachute on) because the virus is still with us and will be for months and months to come.

Chart from Washington Post