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Friday, April 15, 2022

Ceilings of The Breakers

Visiting The Breakers built by Cornelius Vanderbilt requires that you must look up. 

The Great Hall, your first exposure to grandeur is 50 ft x 50 ft x 50 ft. The ceiling is well decorated including a painting of the sky.

Here's looking up under a chandelier.

The skylight on the ceiling of the 2nd floor Gallery.

The ceiling on the second floor Loggia is painted to resemble canopies stretched over the sky.

Below is the library ceiling - coffered.

The Dining Room

Ceiling of the Music Room.

Below the ceiling the the Billiards Room with a chandelier so weighty it's tied into the structure of the house.

I believe below is the Morning Room.

My neck is stiff from looking up!
Of course it was all for show.  None of the bedrooms had ceilings decorated like this.