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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Off the Checklist

Every gardener has one: a checklist of things to do, a checklist of changes to be made, a checklist of ideas to try, etc, etc.  Rather than sharing any one of those checklists, I'm going to share items that have been checked off.

Checked off from the changes to be made list - redo walkway path in the front garden.  Jim of Walnut Fields Landscaping came very highly recommended by Sun Nursery so I contacted him in late January we came to an agreeable price and yesterday with snow melted he made the transformation.

Nice large stepping stones.
Checked off from the things to do list - cutting back old growth.  I pruned the butterfly bushes and hydrangeas in the front garden.  And cut back the grasses in the pond garden.

Before of the grasses at the pond.

Today is to be another warmer day so maybe more from the checklist will be check off.

And look at what has come out in the spring sunshine.