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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

They're Back!

Just a few minutes ago I sat down at my desk to look at emails and caught a sound. Was it my laptop? No.  It was outside so I looked out to the pond and realized that the frogs have come out of hibernation, probably from the mud in the bottom of the pond.  They were announcing to the neighborhood that they were back and raring to go for another spring.

One of many frogs showing off.

Photo taken through the window so not very clear.

 Once I stepped outside the frogs all dove under.  They must have thought I was a heron. You can see the pond is filled with stray leaves.  The irises also need a major trimming, I know.  It's on the spring to do list.

I had hoped to clean out the loose leaves that accumulated in the pond after trimming the cat tails and knew I needed to do it before the frogs started laying eggs.  Now I know I need to do it in the next days or I will have to disturb the eggs.  Today should be the day except I'm recovering from a terrible cold and have expended all my energy for today vacuuming and mopping floors.  Time to put my feet up and drink something good and hot.