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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wakulla Springs - Alligators

If  you have been reading my blog you'll know that Dan and I took a road trip early in January.  Here's the overview.

I have been posting in chronological order about the trip but today I want to skip ahead and share photos of alligators.

Thirty minutes south of Tallahassee is Wakulla Springs State Park.  As the brochure states its "a 6000 acre wildlife sanctuary quietly hidden in Spanish moss-draped Florida woodlands ... The heart of the park is the world famous Wakulla Springs.  Cool water flows from majestic springs to create the Wakulla River, one of the last pristine rivers in Florida."

A boat tour is operated 365 days a year.  Three miles in a 40 minute cruise to see alligators, native birds, turtles and if you're lucky manatee.  We were not lucky in that regard.

We took the boat ride on a lovely morning.  We saw lots of birds.

Our first alligator sighting was this one swimming.

All the others in many sizes were just sunning themselves.

Inside the lodge (more about that in another post) there was this stuffed alligator, Old Joe.  He had been the largest alligator in the springs until he was "murdered".

It's an unsolved murder too.

Wakulla Springs was a wonderful find for us outside of Tallahassee.  Watch for more posts on the day we spent there.