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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Two Covered Bridges and a Sad Tale

 On a Sunday drive last weekend we went north along the Connecticut River.  When the main road veered away from the river we took a left to follow some narrower roads and even some gravel roads to stay closer to the river.

We came upon this lovely covered bridge.

Unfortunately there were no signs to tell us anything about its age.

What was interesting were the cables extended from its sides.

Did it really need tethering?

This stream emptied into the Connecticut, there to the far left.  That's a Vermont hill in the distance.

Tree colors seem muted but my eyes saw them as brighter.

I played with iPhoto color saturation and it made it brighter.  More like what I remember seeing.

I've digressed, sorry.  

We visited another bridge but alas this one is no more. It once crossed the Connecticut River at this point.

It's a very small state park, used primarily as a boat launch on the Connecticut which is much narrower here.

Here's the sad tale.

If you can't read the above, the end of the story is that the bridge had been restored and opened again on July 22,1979.  Then came a mighty windstorm and destroyed the bridge on September 14, 1979!  No attempt has been made to replace the bridge again.  Lesson learned?  Maybe this explains the tethers on the other bridge?