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Friday, February 15, 2013

That Felt Good

Snow is predicted overnight but I couldn't stay in with the temperatures today reaching the 60ºs.  It was time to tackle the trimming of the grasses and some other high perennials around the pond.

Miscanthus - actually three clumps.  I need to transplant these this spring for sure and leave just one behind.

Joe Pye weed on right and butterfly bush on left needed trimming.

The process begins but kneeling and using just a hand clippers was too difficult.

Miscanthus done.

Another grass next to miscanthus.  Frequently overshadowed by it.

On to other plants.

Butterfly bush pruned.

Joe Pyed trimmed - was that easy.  Just snap off the stems.

More to be done another day.  Pond needs to be cleaned out but for now goldfish need a place to hide.  Iris need to be trimmed.

The pile of cuttings goes to the edge of the woods.  The birds will still have a place to hide out.

It took me four different tools until I settled on this one.

There is still more to do but it's a start of a long process that spring like weather for today tells me that I won't have to wait too long for spring to arrive.  After all the plants think its coming too.