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Sunday, July 31, 2016

European Vacation - Part XII

Bratislava, Slovakia

We were in Bratislava for only the morning, arriving just after breakfast and departing at lunch time.

We opted to do the hike to the castle on our own.  It sits on a hill overlooking the old town.

This is St. Martin's Cathedral that we passed on our hike up hill.

We could see across the Danube to the newer parts of Bratislava.

The castle has quite a history which you can read here.

Below is the only photo from the trip of all 4 of us together.  Don't know how that happened that we never posed for one.

Very strange chandelier in the chapel.

Here's the steeple of the cathedral sighted as we hiked down to the town square.

Old walls of the city.

The town square with probably another plague statue.

Off to Vienna and other stops in Austria from here.
The subject of the next post.