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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Trolley Trail

The Trolley Trail starts/ends in Oella, MD.  It is paved version of the original trolley tracks that ran from Baltimore to Oella/Ellicott City, MD.  Now its a nice gentle walking trail.

We took this walk the day after Christmas - a rather gray day but the rain held off until after we returned home.

Granddaughter enjoyed walking it.

A portion is on a wooden walkway.

The original construction required blasting through some rock.

A bridge goes over the trail.

You are in the woods most of the time.

It was the perfect backdrop for some family photos.

Dan and I.

William and Sarah.

Matt, granddaughter and Emily.

Our halfway was a stop at the Breadery.  We turned around at that point and walked downhill back to our car.


Latane Barton said...

What a sweet family time, getting exercise and enjoying nature. Sweet little granddaughter, there. Have a great week. Hugs.

Fun60 said...

Perfect walking trail for the whole family. That's a lovely photo of yourself and Dan.

Tom said...

Nice stroll.

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