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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Color Combos

It's iris time in the garden.  I am always struck by the combinations of colors that develop with new blossoms.

Around the Pond Garden the pink of the wiegela with the light purple of the lilac to the left of it combine with the purple of the Siberian iris in front and the green of the ostrich ferns.

The yellow water iris are just peeking out.

Here it's the red of the Japanese maple in the Glen Garden contrasting with all the other greens.

In the Perennial Garden when these two irises bloom I always wonder if I should move one.  The different purple combination is unsettling to me. One is more pink and the other more lavender.

Now these two iris are an interesting pairing of colors.

The iris and the columbine are the same exact color.  How did that happen?

The deepest purple iris in the background goes well with the iris in the foreground.

The clematis flower and the translucent green of the leaves are a nice combination.

More flowers yet to bloom in months ahead in the Perennial Garden.

Thanks for stopping by.


Fun60 said...

Your garden looks beautiful with so much colour and variety already.

Fun60 said...

Your garden looks beautiful with so much colour and variety already.

Margaret Adamson said...

The colours and combination of flwoers in your garden along with the beautiful reflection in the pond are fabulous.

Betsy Adams said...

Your yard is looking SO good--compared to a month or so ago when there was very little green or color...

Glad your deer are staying away so far. Keep on using that Liquid Fence... We sometimes have to double up and do it more often during the summer...

I will have our IRISES on two blog posts not this week but next. Be sure to check it out. We have some beauties this year.


Tom said...

What a lovely garden, the iris and clematis are delightful. Tom The Backroads Traveller

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