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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Feathered Visitor

 Monday, Dan called me before breakfast to come look at the woodpecker he'd spotted on a tree bordering our driveway.  It was a pileated woodpecker hard at work drilling holes to feed on insects. 

I knew I couldn't open the door to take a photo and had to try through the window - not very successfully.  I tried two different cameras in fact. The first didn't get the colors right or focus and the second couldn't focus on the moving bird. Later I went out to take the photos of the tree.

Any suggestions on how I could have had a better photographic capture?


acorn hollow said...

No suggestions on how to get a better picture but we have two that are coming to our flowering crab tree to eat the little berries. they are amazing and huge. I had a neighbor once that called to tell me a prehistoric bird was in her yard.

Tom said...

...I have a heck of a time photographing birds, they move too quickly for me!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

They are hard to photograph. I saw one on my hike yesterday and didn't get a single photo! But you did good to show what he was up to. They can sure work on a tree in a hurry!

Cynthia said...

Lucky you! Pileated woodpeckers are spectacular. You have to have a really big lens to do great bird photos. $$$$$ Then you have to be strong and steady enough to hold it still!

Anvilcloud said...

No suggestion. You probably shoot in auto mode, and the camera doesn’t know there’s a bird there. Don’t worry about it, and just enjoy the visit.