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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flower Show Inspirations

There were some lovely dish gardens at the Philadelphia Flower Show earlier this month.  

They have inspired me to start some for inside.

When it warms up I'll try to make some bigger ones for outside.

I have lots of glass bowls that Dan made in his glass blowing days.

Here's one I made with three unlabeled plants possibly sedum (?) or aloe that I purchased from Home Depot for $2.98 each. 

They come in itty bitty pots.

Below is another one with two cacti and a stone plant.

Don't know if my stone plant will look like these two that were at the show.

Last year my inspiration led me to plant these aloe in wine glasses Dan had made.  They are both doing well but may need transplanting soon.

This dish garden is one I purchased at this year's show.  I hope I can keep it alive.  It likes to dry out so they told me to put a toothpick in it and water it when the toothpick dries out.

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