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Monday, March 25, 2013

Then and Now

Last year at this time spring was in full swing.

Flowers were blooming.

Bleeding heart.


The pond was coming to life with its ring of irises greening up and

the goldfish and cattails in abundance.

It was warm enough to do spring chores and enjoy doing them.

Even the hostas in the glen garden were up and showing their colors.  So were the ones under my study window.

But today?  Now?

We awoke to the biggest snowstorm of the winter except winter is supposed to be over.

Here's the pond.  No sign of life there.

The cattails look like Q-tips.

The perennial garden is buried.

The glen garden with the beds of hostas - just white.

And the snow continues to fall.  Prediction? 2-4 inches except we have that and more.

Here are the daffodils outside Dan's study which were set to open.

The seeds in the vegetable garden will have to wait another week or more.  I planted them on a warm day two weeks ago and I thought I had seen a few seedlings emerging in the lettuce row.  No chance of that now.

 Spring has been put on hold!


Jenny said...

Spring is definitely on-hold. It's snowing as we speak.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh dear, that's quite the contrast. Beautiful pictures, though. I'm sending some "Spring-in-the-air" vibes in the hopes that it will be encouraged to make an appearance soon.

Randi said...

It´s the same situation here in Sweden! I feel sorry for your poor daffodils! Hope they will survive!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Winter doesn't seem to want to leave this year "up North"...many of the folks who spend the season here in Florida are going home this week...it will be quite a shock to their systems I think!

I hope when it comes your spring will be all the better for anticipating it for so long.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sorry for those wonderful green new plants! but they are survivor, I think!
Our thick snow cover is not even start to melt, perhaps after two weeks - may be or not . And it takes weeks before all snow is gone when it some day decide to start to melt :)

colleen said...

What a contrast in black white and color! We are in the same snow boat. http://looseleafnotes.com

Gary said...

Your post has a surprise ending!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

islandwonder said...

Hopefully it is right around the corner.

Fun60 said...

We all seem to be suffering from the Winter blues especially the garden.

Anonymous said...

Must be a joy to breath the fresh, clean air. Thank you.

robert geiƟ

eileeninmd said...

I enjoyed your flowers from the past. We had the snowstorm today too. I think it is time for old man winter to leave. I am really looking forward to spring. Have a happy week!

Marcia said...

Thanks to all who have commented. I can hear the snow melting as I type this in the evening. Temps are warming up though even with a drop overnight the snow will be fast disappearing tomorrow. Maybe I should consider it white rain.

Betsy Adams said...

Exact same thing here, Marcia... Last year, everything was green and blooming. Now we have very few blooms --and the ones we have are struggling since March has been so up and down in temperature...

We got snow too today (see my blog today)... BUT--we didn't get nearly as much as you did. You really got a big one!!!! Wow!!!

Hope Spring gets here soon for all of us.

Betty said...

We are all yerning for Spring, which makes the love for it all that much deeper. I have been concentrating on getting compost compiled for my first plantings in our box gardens. My friend has a large green house which I have been putting two trash can composters in. It has been warm enough in there that after a month on can was ready! I cut or processed everything into small bits for faster composting.
You place is gorgeous, a place of serinity. How blessed you are to see God's creations right in your back yard. The fox is beautiful and the red headed bird, fish too. I don't think I could leave the outside. :-)

Dan said...

On a positive note weeding has been postponed :)

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