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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Weed or Perennial?

 I need some help identifying plants in garden beds.  Can't tell what is a weed or a perennial.





also #4 on other side of fence.

#5 - this is the one I thought was asparagus coming up.

#6 I think this is a spider wort.

#7 This appears in the wildflower book as in poppy family - Celandine.

Whatever help you can give is greatly appreciated.


Tom said...

...I don't know what #1 is, but it's a weed to me. I dig it up!

Marcia LaRue said...

No. 3 looks like a wild violet.

Ana Dunk said...

The first plant picture looks like it might be common phlox, the wild ones which bloom a purple/mauve
color. I have some in the back of a far away flower bed and they do add a touch of tall color in that corner.

Bindu said...

Wish I have some ideas about plants!
The yellow flowers are pretty.

Vicki Lane said...

I'd wait and see on all of them.

I put a white iris root in the mail for you yesterday.

Cynthia said...

#6 looks like spiderwort but I’ve never seen a white one.
#4 artemisia or tansy
Are you friends with Connie from Far Side of Fifty? She’s a genius at plants! I’m sure she would help.
#3 Might be coral bells.