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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Shot Side Effects

 No dead battery this time!

As for other side effects yesterday:


sore arm,

loopy feeling, and

achy all over.

Today we are both fine.  We slept well though got up lots of times to pee because we guzzled water yesterday.  We heard that water was a good antidote for less reaction.

Neither of us experienced fever or chills.

Back to normal and now two weeks from full immunity!

Photo from the files - Botanic Garden in Washington, DC.


Anvilcloud said...

That went pretty well for you.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Glad to here that all worked out fine.

Tom said...

...we had no side effects with our two Medorna shots. In my mind sore arms are normal with shots.

Bonnie K said...

I have been to that garden and it is amazing! Hope you feel better soon.

Kay said...

YAY Marcia! It’s such a relief, isn’t it? I’m glad you didn’t get too much of a reaction. My young nephew got some strong aches and fever.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it went well for you both!

That's a beautiful garden scene!

1st Man said...

Such great news!!! We're hoping to get ours in the next week or two. Texas is opening it up next week to anyone 16 or older. No underlying conditions. Now it's just finding it, ha. So much demand.