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Friday, July 17, 2020

July Blooms

This is the day we arrive in NH and take position of our new apartment.  No time yet to blog so
I'm going back in time to repost blogs from my past. 
This one appeared six years ago today.  [Tried to go back 7 years and couldn't open those posts to edit.]


The stargazer lilies opened this morning!  I've been patiently waiting for this day.  Soon their fragrance will fill the perennial garden.

But they are not the only bloomers at present here are some of the others who are adding colors other than green to my gardens.

In Mom's Garden (formerly the Front Garden):

black-eyed susan

hydrangea - a smaller version of itself after the hard winter

lamb's ear

crepe myrtle

In the Pond Garden:



In the Glen Garden:


astillbe (I think)

In the Perennial Garden:

shasta daisies

purple cone flower

another day lily variety

another day lily

another day lily

and this lovely day lily that has been blooming for weeks

knock out rose


As I was posting this, a heron landed in the backyard directly outside my window.  I grabbed my camera but my movement startled it and it flew off.  I wonder if its looking to come gold fishing in my pond?


Jenny Rottinger said...

Such pretty colors, makes you smile when you see all this beauty.

Fun60 said...

You have so much colour in your garden. It looks beautiful.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

You have got wonderful flowers in your garden, so colourful. if you have a pond, then the Heron will know you have fish for him to eat!! Now about the question of the white flowers in my post, I cannot tell you what they are. there are a lot of white flowers that look similar and I am always confused about them. There is Cow Parsley and that is a possibility. Sorry I cannot help but thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comment.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marcia, I certainly have enjoyed reading your posts from your Cotswolds Walking Tour in England. FANTASTIC.

Love seeing your gardens... Looks as if most things have recovered from that rough winter.... Our lilies have almost bloomed out ---but we still have oodles of daylilies... AND--the roses are doing good (and will continue to bloom til late Fall.

I need to get creative with my 'gardens' here...Instead of calling them the Road Flowerbed, Side Flowerbed, etc... I need to name each one something nicer (like yours)...


Tom said...

...I doubt if you will be seeing crepe myrtle in your new neck of the woods.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

Lovely to have those memories and now you are starting new memories in NH Marcia. Have a great weekend.