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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dear Marcia,
You recently joined 12 million people in the call for justice for George Floyd. Your signature adds another voice to the nationwide call for action in response to the horrific murder of an unarmed Black man. 
Then you did something incredible: you contributed your money to spread the petition even further. 
Here’s the deal:
+ You are driving real change in Minneapolis and around the country; uses your contribution to amplify the petition as widely as possible; and 
+ Kellen, the petition starter, is ready to take this petition to the next level, and you can help decide how.
How is this petition driving change?
Contributions like yours are part of the reason more than 12 million people have joined in – making it the biggest petition ever on
That’s why it has been featured in thousands of media storiesfrom Seventeen to USA Today and been endorsed by dozens of celebrities like Beyonce, Lil Nas X and Janelle Monae. Together with movements and activism around the country, that ramps up the pressure on DA Michael Freeman to charge all of George Floyd’s murderers.
And it’s working. Right now it looks likely that the DA may finally charge the other three officers involved in George Floyd’s death. Kellen, with your support, will keep the pressure up until those officers, and Michael Chauvin who was already charged, are held accountable.
How is using contributions to spread Kellen’s petition?
It’s pretty simple. People like you who sign petitions on Change.orgare always given the opportunity to promote petitions they care about, increasing the chance that they win. already emailed the petition to more than 40 million people, and has advertised it to more than a million people visiting our site every day.    
People like you keep contributing, so we’re taking it a step further to amplify the call for justice.  Your contributions are driving:
118 digital billboards like the one above. They’re all over Minneapolis where the DA, the Mayor and the police can’t ignore your voices, where George Floyd’s family and community can see your solidarity. And they’re in New York, where most national media is headquartered -- they won’t be able to miss them.
More than 100 additional billboards on top of taxis in New York City, calling on people to text in to sign the petition.
Ads all over social media to put the petition in front of people who care about racial justice, all across the country.
What’s next?
Victory is going to take more people adding their signatures. It might be the biggest petition ever on the site, but until those police officers are found guilty, it’s not enough.  
So we’ll put this petition in front of millions more people – both on our site and in creative ways – to inspire them to add their names too. 
Thank you for using to support the causes you care about.
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