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Thursday, May 9, 2019

A Day with Granddaughter #3

Tuesday I spent in Greenbelt with Granddaughter #3.

In the the morning we took a walk and I spied this gorgeous rhododendron.

While she napped in the afternoon I mulched the flower beds in the backyard.  Sarah and William are preparing to sell their home before they move to New York State.

These lovely iris came from my garden before we moved.  Before that they were in my mother in law's garden.

After napping granddaughter enjoyed a snack on the patio and we both enjoyed the cool breeze while we sat in the shade on this warm day.

I spied this nest in the tree beyond us.

Probably belongs to a squirrel.

My days of watching granddaughter once a week are dwindling as the move north gets closer.


Tom said...

...time well spent.

Silver Willow said...

oh my gosh she could not be any cuter!!!

Fun60 said...

Treasured moments. I assume distance will prevent you seeing your granddaughter as frequently as you do now.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

A time to remember.

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