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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Last Post on Amsterdam: Viewed from a Canal Boat

Our time in Amsterdam was coming to a close but first we boarded a canal boat with our tour guide (on the left) for a tour and then delivery to our awaiting ship.

It was cold so we were glad of the glass top coverings.

Notice the top windows and the horizontal posts?  A pulley system for bringing furniture to top floors.

Many different roof styles.

Notice the width of the house to the right of the orange one?  That's all the original owner could afford as these lots were sold off.

The green house is wider - that builder could afford two lots.

Coming up to Anne Frank's last home.

The museum is on the far right and I think her house is next to it.  Though it may be the next one.

Look at the width of this grand house.

There are all sorts of house boats in the canals in different sorts of repair.

Our ship was due to sail from Amsterdam at 1 pm though our tour guide thought it was to be later.  We were a bit late.  The ship waited for us.


Tom said...

...what a beautiful city.

Cynthia said...

I think a canal boat is a perfect way to,see Amsterdam. Glad your ship waited for you when you were late. That seems unusual.

Fun60 said...

The canals are the perfect way to see Amsterdam.

diane b said...

That is a fun tour. I remember.

Kay said...

We went on the canal ride too, but ours was not as luxurious as yours.

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