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Friday, February 9, 2018

Scotland: Killiin

Scotland was such an interesting place, but I took too many photos!  Here it is February, 4 months after our return and I still haven't finished sharing with you all that we saw.

The town of Killin was one we happened upon our a drive back from Loch Lomond.

Some of the history of this town. There's mention of the Crannogs which I wrote about before.  Killin sits on the other end of Loch Tay from where we saw the Crannogs.

It was a beautiful blue sky when we started our walk through town.  A change from the photo at the top of this post which was only 30 or so minutes before.

The blue sky was not to last.

These are the Falls of Dochart which tumble through the center of town.

View from the bridge.

The gate was locked to this entrance from the bridge and we didn't want to scare up the key.  There is someone's grave on that river island.

We did poke through the Old Mill with its small exhibits on St. Filaan and a thrift store.

A bit of fall colors.

A nice brief stop off before heading back to our base in Dunblane.


Fun60 said...

Not heard of that village so thank you for sharing the photos and info on its history. Only ever seen Loch Lomond shrouded in mist!

Gosia k said...

I love Scotland too.

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