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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

D.P.P. Update

I wrote here in detail about my Deer Protection Plan (D.P.P.).  Since posting that the arbor and gate have been assembled and placed at the west entrance to the backyard.

It's a rainy day so there's no outside work to be done other than quickly stringing more fishing line to close up the space between the arbor and the stone wall.  Eventually plants & bushes will fill this space as outlined in #4 of the D.P.P.

Here's how the arbor looks now.

Standing on the deck looking west across the perennial garden the arbor is barely visible against the woods.  It's there to the left of the upturned wheel barrow.

A closer view.  A's garden there by the wall will be expanded to the left.  The fairy house I built will likely have to be moved.

Now you may be wondering why the arbor is turned to almost face the woods.  I did that for two reasons.  It was flattest there and I didn't want the deer to have a direct view into the garden from that west side.  The space from the arbor to the wall will have to be filled with bushes deer don't like to block the space and their view in.

Also by turning the arbor this way from the great room we have a framed view of the woods beyond.

To block access in the meantime there is fishing line strung from that black post to the arbor.  Also from the arbor to a tree trunk on the other side.

Unrelated to the D.P.P. - here are my tomato and pepper seedlings. 7 varieties of tomatoes (back) germinated a week ago and 4 of peppers (front) germinated just this week.


amanda | wildly simple said...

I simply adore your gardens!
Hoping the D.P.P. is effective, it sounds like you've got a well thought out plan. :)

Fun60 said...

Once your garden matures you will have stunning views of the arbour and adjacent plants.

Margaret Adamson said...

You garden is coming on well and the seedlings look like they are sprouting.

Bonnie K said...

I love your garden design! Good luck with the deer. I have to use the smelly spray. I didn't have good luck with fishing line, but did with flagging strung like line. Not pretty, but kept them from invading my orchard.

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